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patriciakor_leatherLeather is one of my favorite materials because it’s versatile, easy to work with and forgiving in its manipulation. With good treated leather you can make anything and it will look fabulous.


Leathers are treated in various ways although the most popular for fashion are those supple, soft and malleable leathers, usually found in accessories, shoes and cloths. The process is called chrome dye because of the chemical used for tanning. The other process is called vegetal tanning. It refers to vegetal materials used for tanning, although some chemicals are added for coloring. Once the leather is tanned it receives a process of sanding that conditions the skin and produces an even surface, called full grain or top grain. Most of the leathers we use for high end products are top grain leathers with vegetal or chrome tanned coloration.leather-roll


My attraction to leather dates back in time in my childhood on the daily visits to the family ranch in Argentina. Many tools, horse saddlery and apparel were made in leather so using them created a connection with the material that lasts to today.


Leather is fun to work with. It can be tanned, brush painted, hand painted, printed, carved, embroider, stitched and much more. There are endless techniques to work on a piece of leather as well as many possibilities when mixing with other noble materials, the results are fantastic.


Leather is unique in the way that doesn’t need anything else to stand up itself. The material has such a firmness that doesn’t need any filler backup or internal layers to maintain its shape. Due to its different textures sometimes soft, rough or hard it can be employed for diverse uses, specially combined with

other natural materials.patriciakor_espas_kiwi_350K


We like to use floral printed chrome leather on our handbags with a combination of vegetal tanned solid leathers and the finish is the nice even surface of top grain as well as on our shoes.


Because its strength and long life leather is my favorite materials to use on products that will endure stress and time.patriciakor_lucy_m


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I’ve been attracted to the Arts since I was a little girl. Anything that was well made, beautiful and avant-garde seduced me.

When I was in high school our art teacher introduced us to many painting schools from the early human settlers to the modern and contemporary. My fascination was with the “Fauves” who diverted from the French Impressionists to concentrate on the “art” of painting and the color palette. The “Fauvists”, a group of modern artist around 1900, emphasized on the painterly qualities and the use of strong colors. Among the artist the one most known to the general public is Henri Matisse. I did not have a favorite artist, although Matisse is really hard not to love, but just looked at everyone on their own specialty and tried to, study, emulate and understand their technique and palette.

The combination and contrasts of color in a single theme created such an impact on me that it turned my concept of painting and color upside down. I was fascinated by a portrait painted in tens of colors from red to green, to blue and yellow. The color and the approach to painting will hunt me forever, still does. I would love to be able to create something similar, but I cannot reproduce that style, it’s not mine, I can only copy it…poorly.


matisse Patricia Kor






















Like most people, I was used to the traditional concept of a “red apple”, “blue sky”, “green & brown tree”, etc., those concepts that we develop from early childhood. Looking at these “non-traditional” artists, with their powerful artistry and rebellious message made me think of Art in a different way and I wanted to be part of it.

However, the concept of bright colors, contrasts, values, and tonalities has been part of my work, my life and my hobby since I’ve digested it a long time ago. Anything I’ve done, from designing to getting dressed, has been influenced by the color palette assimilated in my high school years.

An accessory should complete the wardrobe in a way that makes an impact, but blending naturally with the ensemble. The Handbags, Espas and Accessories that I make are all exploding with colors in a vibrant equilibrium. As the Fauvists did a century ago, putting lots of emphasis on the painterly quality of their work I try to follow that wise concept, quality and design reflected on a well-made piece of attractive colors and combinations.

On the daily routine, I feel that with color life is more interesting, more attractive and cheerful, let’s fill our lives with color.

Fauvists Patricia Kor


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Creating a Product

When creating a product I always start thinking about whom the end user will be and how much this person benefits with it. I particularly like handbags since they’re a projection of us, part of our personality and style we develop over the years and it’s the ultimate girl’s complement.

My inspiration comes when a leather piece crosses my sight. Inpatriciakor_frankieblg_tr_bettystantly, I see its application and the perfect size and shape. Once I got the idea running in my mind the second part of the selection comes.  Does this leather fit the parameters of good quality, good texture? Can it provide excellent pattern and combination possibilities?  All that reasoning happens in seconds, the bag presents finished in my mind before I start drawing something. In my mind I can see all its details and structure as a complete product.

Once the exterior has been put together I take care of what it goes inside. Since I use the samples before a new style goes back to the manufacturer I pretty much know the bag functionality. I make sure that all the Patricia Kor bags have practical slip-in pockets for quick reach. A safety pocket is also a necessity, so we make room for it. As most women play many roles and develop different activities constantly it’s hard not to miss something once or lose track of something. My most misplaced item is the keys, house keys, car keys, mail box keys, locker keys, etc, etc. Because of that a keys hook was designed for all handbags. Since I’ve attached my keys to keys hook no more frustration, running around, or leaving the house late, my keys are always in the same place.FrankieBLg_TR_350k

One of my favorite pieces is the Frankie B Large in Trigo-Red because it’s a girly bag, soft, roomy and attractive. The tote style Frankie B Large has straight lines that contrast with the richness of the luxurious leather. There’s a balance of its clean structure and vibrant pattern that continues in the interior with a neutral lining.

The design of the product is the fun part because involves creativity, passion, and talent but the rewarding part is to deliver a product that benefits and empower women.


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